Most Valuable Online Master’s Degrees

There’s no doubt that the more education you have, the greater your earning potential. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Education found that in 2007, the median earnings of young adults with a master’s degree or higher were $56,000, which is 24% higher than those with just a bachelor’s degree. An online master’s degree is ultimately an investment, and one that will pay off with a better job in the future that will offset the tuition costs of today. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has also collected data based on 2006 median earnings to reveal the most lucrative jobs for people holding master’s degrees, and they’re in fields that can usually be studied via online degree programs.

  • Political scientist: As someone who examines the development and operation of political systems, as well as the role of the United States’ foreign relations, it’s possible to earn $90,140 a year with an online master’s degree.
  • Industrial-organizational psychologist: This job requires you to take principles of psychology and apply them to sales, marketing, administration, and personnel problems. The median income for someone holding a master’s degree is $86,420 annually.
  • Economist: With an online master’s degree, you can get a job studying the means of manufacturing and distribution of resources. Earnings can be $77,010 per year.
  • Psychologist (all other types): Psychologists study the workings of the human mind and work in diverse fields including health services or schools. The median earnings are about $76,310 each year.
  • Physician assistant: A physician assistant works with a physician to practice medicine and is formally trained to provide health care. With a master’s degree, your median income could be about $74,980 annually.
  • Geoscientist (except hydrologist and geographer): These scientists who study the Earth’s component materials can earn a yearly $72,660.
  • Hydrologist: This scientific occupation is centered on researching the circulation, distribution, and physical properties of waters, as well as precipitation. The median come is around $66,260 a year.
  • Physical therapist: A physical therapist works with a patient to restore their mobility and relieve their pain, as well as promotes a healthy level of fitness. With an online master’s degree in physical therapy, your median income would be about $66,200.
  • Statistician: This job would let you work with numerical data in the areas of collection and analysis, and with a master’s degree, you could earn an annual $65,720.
  • Social scientist and related workers: Occupations in the social science field include anthropologists, archaeologists, sociologists, and geographers. With an online master’s degree in an applicable area of study, you can earn $64,920 a year.

That’s only the top handful of jobs that reward those people with online master’s degrees. There are many more, but they all prove the basic point that the investment in school is a valuable one that soon pays off.