Posts about the Benefits of a Masters Degree

Ongoing education, particularly into graduate level degrees, is essential now, considering the highly competitive job market. Whether students attend colleges or universities in a traditional setting or online, masters degrees are the first tier of graduate studies. Earning masters degrees provides students with many benefits, particularly making graduates more likely to earn higher wages and typically to be first in line for career advancement. In addition, once students earn masters degrees, they can choose to continue their education to pursue doctoral degrees.

This article contains links to blogs that offer graduate students with a wide variety of information. Among the topics included are blogs covering different areas of study, news and events relevant to higher education, student life, and other resources.

General Resources

This section includes links to blogs covering an assortment of general higher education issues. Some of the topics include relevant news, educational funding, value of master’s degree studies, and student exchange information.

  1. Online Education Learning: Masters Degree Online This blog serves as a directory. It presents information about different colleges, offers articles on various topics, and provides information about assorted master’s degrees.
  2. Creative Weblogging: Corporate Communication – an Integral Part of an Online Masters Degree Leadership ProgramThis blog’s author covers a variety of topics related to masters programs. This article describes the online masters degree leadership program.
  3. The Spearhead: Why We CredentialThis blog focuses on the new “culture gap” for men in academia. This particular article addresses the issue of credentialing programs.
  4. Wacky Owl: What is a Master Degree Worth?This blog offers an eclectic collection of topics. This article discusses the value of a master’s degree.
  5. Inside Higher Ed: Ask the Administrator: Second Master’s, or Ph.D.?This blog features a variety of issues relevant to higher education. This article features a discussion of whether to pursue an additional master’s or go on for a doctorate degree.
  6. Triumvirate Environmental – Higher Education Best Practices BlogThe authors of this blog focus on the value of people as the “greatest asset.” This portion of the blog addresses higher education issue.
  7. Changing Higher EducationThis blog addressed various events affecting the globalization of education. They focus on changes that can contribute to excellence in education.
  8. New America Foundation: Higher Ed WatchThe blog’s focus, as a non-partisan foundation, is on challenges faced by the U.S. This section addresses higher education initiatives.
  9. Edu in ReviewThis blog reviews educational news. It covers topics including student loans, scholarships, iPhone apps, and provides other resources.
  10. The Center for College AffordabilityA college education is expensive. This blog discusses the initiative to make ongoing higher education more affordable.
  11. International Higher Education Consulting BlogThis blog addresses higher education from an international perspective. The focus of the blog is on international college student exchange opportunities.
  12. College TimesThis blog’s format is like an online newspaper. It offers a wide variety of educational articles both “useful and controversial,” as well as college reviews.

Healthy Student Life

This section includes links to blogs covering a variety of tips for students to live healthier during their lives in college. Some of the topics include time management tips, relieving stress, eating healthier and coping strategies for depression and other difficulties.

  1. The Self-Improvement Blog: The Rocky Road of PerfectionismPart of succeeding as a student involves acknowledging and acting on areas needing improvement. This blog offers advice on self-improvement, self-esteem, health, happiness, and coping with stress.
  2. Energy and Motivation: 5 Ways to Reduce Stress During CollegeCollege can certainly be stressful at times. This article offers five strategic ways to reduce stress.
  3. Middlebury Magazine: Ada and FuguThis blog addresses the stress that often accompanies college life. This particular article focuses on the benefits of having pets.
  4. Live Healthier and Happier: Hobby Time … A Stress RelieverStudents may find various means to deal with stress. This blog advocates engaging in a hobby to relieve stress.
  5. This is my County: Stressed Out? Read!This blog covers a variety of issues. This article in particular suggests that one way to relieve stress is engage in reading for pleasure.
  6. Stress Management for Peak Performance: Reduce College StressStudent stress is a real and ongoing struggle, especially in higher education, leading to poor grades, relationship problems, and health issues. This article discusses causes and solutions for stress.
  7. Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals: 8 Tips for Staying Healthy at CollegeCollege students often don’t have time – or take time – to eat properly or otherwise take care of themselves. This article provides eight helpful tips for staying healthy.
  8. Today’s Life: Staying Healthy While Living at CollegeLiving on campus while attending college can promote unhealthy eating habits. This blog offers tips for health eating and encourages students to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Tips for Student Success and Career Advice for After College

This section includes links to blogs addressing one of the major activities for students: studying. Knowing how to study effectively can make all the difference in being successful in grad school – or not. These blogs offer a variety of studying tips, focusing strategies, and time management tips. You will also find information and advice for life after graduation.

  1. Study Skills: Teaching and Learning How to StudyEffective studying is crucial to success in grad school. This blog contains tips about how to study and organize your thoughts.
  2. College Fashion: 10 Tips for Better Study Habits This SemesterStudents need to study constantly throughout college. This article provides 10 tips to improve study habits.
  3. Daytimer Blog: The Secret to Better Study Skills for College StudentsThis blog’s sponsor is the Daytimer company that makes the organizers and other products. In this articles, the offer tips for better study skills.
  4. Tommie Media: Students should rethink study habits, new research showsThis blog features a report initially published by the New York Times. It provides some recent research findings that some studying strategies are better than others.
  5. Middle Earth: Good Study Habits in TeensThis article, authored by a community-based organization, provides intervention services for teens. This article provides suggestions for good study habits.
  6. Vault Career Intelligence: College Study Habits and the iPad – Will It Help or Hurt?This blog offers a wide variety of information and advice about career development, including the importance of education. This article addresses the popular iPad and its effect on study habits.
  7. Pragmatic Mom: Forget What You Know About Good Study HabitsThis blog’s author writes about various topics, including parenting and education. In this article, she addresses the article from the New York Times on revising study habits, and gives her review on it.
  8. Mobile Maine News: Good study habits mean good gradesThis blog provides information from Maine’s first “web-based community journalism initiative” to form ties between the university system and the community. This article addresses the correlation between good study habits and good grades.
  9. Vaught’s Views: Dad to Poole-Stay FocusedThis blog features the views of sports editor, Larry Vaught. In this article, he provides advice about how to stay focused on tasks to accomplish goals.
  10. Study SuccessfulThe main focus of this blog, as its name implies, is to help students study successfully. Therefore, the blog provides study tips, as well as inviting others to share their own college stories and tips for success.
  11. The Academic StrategistThis blog’s author is a life and career coach. She offers valuable information to guide students in academic and career decisions.
  12. Million Dollar Journey: Wealth Building Tips for New College/University GraduatesGraduate students typically wonder what comes next after graduation. This blog offers financial tips for students to build wealth after graduation.
  13. Talent Egg – Hatching Graduate CareersThis blog addresses the concerns of students regarding life beyond graduation. The author describes a variety of graduate careers opportunities.

General Student Life and Balancing Life as a Student

This section includes links to blogs covering general issues related to student life in college and the difficulties of balancing other life responsibilities with studies. Some of these blogs include tips from older returning students who now have families, as well as thoughts from professors. You will also find the views of people in different positions, including professors and grad students.

  1. BlogenspielThis blog’s author is a professor. He shares his own anecdotes and experiences about university life.
  2. LesboprofThis blog’s author is a self-professed lesbian college professor. She provides her views and experiences about college life.
  3. Surviving College LifeSometimes college life can be challenging. This blog offers a variety of helpful tips for “surviving college life.”
  4. Back 2 School Moms: All About College for the Non-Traditional StudentNot all college students are in their teens and twenties. Many adult learners have returned to school to pick up where they left off, or earn a first degree, often online. This blog addresses the perspective of non-traditional college students.
  5. College Campus MamaThis blog’s author is an adult learner who is a wife and mother, as well as a full-time student. She shares her experiences in this blog.
  6. Juggling LifeSchool, work, and life obligations can feel like a juggling act. This blog’s author understands that concept and shares her experiences as a wife, mother, and college student.
  7. Volatile and Decentralized: So you want to go to grad schoolMatt Welsh, the blog’s author, is a computer science professor. He offers insight into successfully managing grad school

MBA Students

This section includes links to blogs for business students seeking their MBA degrees. The topics include business studies, difficulties of working and going to school, and general business student life.

  1. Andrew Choi, Healthcare MBAThis blog’s author, Andrew Choi, received his healthcare MBA in 2010. He uses his blog to share his experiences from college, as a consultant, and to discuss various related career paths.
  2. MBA for Hair TwirlerThe blog’s author earned her MBA in the UK in 2009. She discusses her educational experiences, as well as “re-entry into the real world” post graduation.
  3. Wharton MBA for ExecutivesThis blog features graduate students from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, who earned their Executive MBA degrees. They share their “musings, diatribes, and insights” in this blog.
  4. JulyDream: Is Business School Right for Me?This is probably a question numerous students ponder, if other areas of study don’t appeal to them. The blog’s author discusses the differences between an MBA and other master’s degrees.
  5. The MBA Student VoiceThis blog features MBA students from UCLA, Anderson School of Management. The students offer their first-hand perspectives regarding the MBA program.
  6. Comfortably Dumb!This blog’s author is a female MBA student. She shares her struggles and victories along the path to her MBA.
  7. Blog: Rafael CorralesThis blog’s author attended both Georgia Tech and Harvard Business School. His main focus is on start-up ventures.
  8. k-spaceThis blog covers a variety of business topics. Some of these include marketing, investment, and technology.

Law Students

This section includes links to blogs for students engaged in studying law. The topics include various areas of legal studies and the issues faced by both traditional and non-traditional law students.

  1. LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food LawThis blog represents the master’s law program from the University of Arkansas, School of Law. It covers the laws as they apply to agriculture and food.
  2. Vermont Law School: JD Law Students BlogThis is a collective students’ blog from the Vermont Law School. These law students share their thoughts and experiences about law school and studies.
  3. New Kid on the HallwayThis blog represents the thoughts of a law student. As this student discusses, he or she is just sharing opinions and experiences about law school, and not giving legal advice.
  4. Non Traditional Law StudentThe blog’s author is a husband and father, who attended law school on nights and weekends, hence the non-traditional tag. Although he passed his bar exam and is now a lawyer, he left the blog up to allow other law students to benefit from the experiences he shared about his life as a law student.
  5. First Movers: Tomorrow’s Legal Scholars…TodayThis blog is part of a Jurisdynamics network, representing contributions from a group of law students and graduates. They share numerous, in-depth posts on all things related to studying law.
  6. Law StudentThis blog serves as a resource for law students. It provides outlines describing law courses, practice exams, and lists of law books and job sites with law positions and openings.

Medical Students

This section includes links to blogs for medical students in various fields, including veterinarian studies. The topics include discussions of the complex studies involved in different medical studies, and include disclaimers in accordance with HIPAA regulations, that the blogs’ authors have not violated anyone’s privacy.

  1. The Daily Life of a Medical ResidentMedical school students typically face more challenging studies and hands-on experience than other fields of study. This blog’s author states that her blog is “attempt to document the insanity that is medical school.”
  2. Defying Gravity: becoming a doctor one cup of coffee at a timeThe blog’s author is a medical student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. She chronicles her medical journey toward becoming a doctor.
  3. Agraphia: an inability to writeThe blog’s author is an emergency medicine resident in a trauma center.  He shares his experiences, but changes all names and identifying details, to be in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  4. The Journey to an MD … and BeyondElla is currently a medical student. She uses the blog to journal about her experiences through medical school.
  5. The Underwear DrawerMichelle is an anesthesiologist, as well as a mother. She began the blog while she was a medical student, as a journal of her experiences.
  6. From Non-Traditional PreMed to ??The blog author’s motto is “Some people dream. Some people do.” This is the author’s documentation of progressing from dreaming about being a doctor, to becoming one.
  7. Confessions of a Shopaholic Medical StudentThe blog’s author is a medical student and a self-professed shopaholic. She shares her experiences in her blog about staying “fashionable” as she goes through medical school.
  8. Jeffrey MD: My Journey through Medical SchoolThe blog’s author started with a degree in bioengineering, and then decided to pursue a medical career. He uses his blog to journal his way through medical school.
  9. Miss Purple StethoscopeThis blog’s author is a medical student in Australia. She claims her blog “contains rants about the life and trivialities of someone who would rather report to a cyber audience than a real one.”
  10. Half MD.comThis blog’s author is a medical student, now entering residency. The author plans to update the blog periodically about those experiences.
  11. Ah yes, Medical SchoolWith a sense of humor, this blog’s author discusses medical school experiences. The author also talks about healthcare policy, just out of the desire to understand it better “sound smart” in front of friends.
  12. Hope for PandoraThe blog author’s intention for this blog is to provide a place to discuss science, medicine, and society. He is an emergency medicine resident at Yale.
  13. Island Med StudentKendra is a new doctor beginning her psychiatric residency. She continues to use her blog to chronicle her medical journey.
  14. Vitum MedicinusThe blog’s author is a medical student in Canada. He blogs about his “funny, action-packed, and dramatic moments through the journey…”
  15. The Rumors Were TrueThis blog’s author is a Caribbean medical student at St. George’s University. The author states that “the rumors were true” about studying on the beach, among other confirmed rumors.

Other Medical Students: Nurses and Veterinarians

This section includes links to blogs for medical students in other fields, including nursing students and veterinarian students. The section also includes general information about pharmaceuticals.

  1. Some Day NurseAs the blog’s author indicates, she is currently a nursing student. She uses her blog to share her experiences toward obtaining her nursing degree to become a nurse “some day.”
  2. The Heart Scan Blog: Medical Education in the Days of Big PharmaThis blog addresses the importance of maintaining good heart health. This particular article focuses on the concerns of medical students, particularly regarding pharmaceutical issues.
  3. Vet School BlogThis student recently decided to return to school to become a vet; she blogs about her decision and her experiences with her studies.
  4. Life of a Veterinary StudentAs the blog title indicates, the author is a veterinary student. She plans to journal about her experience “from start to finish.”

Assorted Studies

This section includes links to blogs covering assorted areas of studies, from the perspective of different individuals, including graduate students and professors. Some of the topics include architecture, art, dance, music, photography, and counseling.

  1. ARCH Careers: BArch vs. MArch: Which is Better?This blog offers a discussion regarding the difference between bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture. Dr. Lee Waldrep, with about 20 years of experience in architecture, authors the blog.
  2. MFA WeblogThis blog is a group effort of several contributors. The focus of the blog is on writing and master’s writing programs.
  3. One Mean MFA’s BlogThis blog’s author is a full-time graduate student for creative writing, as well as a teaching assistant for freshman on the basic of college writing. He uses his blog to discuss his academic journey.
  4. Math ResourcesMath of some form is essential in almost any type of work you do, here is some great resources to assist in all areas of mathematics.
  5. A Photo StudentJames Pomerantz, this blog’s author, is a photography student currently pursuing his MFA in “Photography, Video and Related Media.” He uses his blog to journal about his “adventures in Photo MFA Land.”
  6. (x,why?)This intriguing blog provides graduate math students with a healthy dose of general math discussion. Math-related cartoons, images, and humor accompany the discussion.
  7. The Long Way HomePaul Burkhart, the blog’s author, currently attends Westminster Theological Seminary, pursuing his master’s of divinity degree in counseling. He chronicles his journey along that path.
  8. University of North Texas at Dallas: Master’s in Counseling Career ResourcesThe University of North Texas at Dallas sponsors this blog. This article presents a thorough look at a master’s in counseling, complete with areas of specialty and career outlook.
  9. Saket VoraThis blog’s author has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. In his blog, he focuses on his interests in “social entrepreneurship and enterprise.”
  10. Southern Fried ScienceThis blog offers the contributions of a group of marine science graduate students. The main focus of the blog is on marine science and includes discussions of “the ocean, science, conservation, philosophy, education, debate, and controversy.”
  11. SAH Graduate Student BlogThis blog specifically addresses the interests of the Society of Architectural Historians. It offers news and events relevant for graduate students interested in the SAH.
  12. Kesmit.comKim is a grad student pursuing a master’s degree in Emerging Media and Communication, and presently living in China. She discusses her educational experiences.
  13. Undulation – The Blog of a Graduate and Dance StudentAleksie is a graduate student with a master’s degree in physics, as well as a “bellydancer and student of classical Indian dance.” She uses her blog to write about all these topics.

This article attempted to provide master’s students with a large collection of links to blogs of interest. These included specific graduate studies, general news and higher education topics, as well as tips about general college student life.