Degree Resources: Online History Guide

History is a portrayal of the past. Events that are remembered and preserved constitute history. The following world history resources are the experiences of humans from around the world. Educating ourselves with these experiences and moments of world history is essential to understanding the society we live in now.

American History

Modern Europe

The Roman Empire

Medieval Europe

  • Timeline: A timeline of historical events dating from 500 C.E until 1509. C.E.
  • Monasticism: This lecture recounts the history of Christian monasticism in medieval Europe.

Renaissance and Reformation

  • The Reformation: Provides a detailed description of the Reformation, why it occurred and overview the movement.
  • Introduction to Renaissance: This article covers major points from the Renaissance and was the information was gathered from the core studies of English department of Brooklyn College.

Middle East History

  • History of Iran: The Iran Chamber Society gives a detailed historical account of Iran from 2500 B.C.E. until 1988.
  • Middle East History: A complete database of articles, biographies, maps and timelines of Middle East History.
  • Islamic World to 1600: Tutorials on Ancient Islam until 1600.


  • Birth of Islam: Essays and slide shows portraying the birth of Islam.
  • History of Islam: This article examines the history of religion in the political traditions of Islam.

Medieval Islam

Colonial Latin America

  • Timeline: A timeline of events in colonial Latin America.
  • Antonio de Montesinos: A summary of the history that pertains to the disposition and conditions of the Indies.
  • Colonial Latin America: A historical text archive written by professor Donald J. Marby of Mississippi State University of his interpretation of 300 years of colonial Latin America.

Modern Latin America

  • Mexican Revolution: Lyn Davies gives a summary of the Mexican Revolution that last 10 years.

Asian Civilizations

  • History of China: A history project of China’s past that is still in development, but you will find pages that document the history thoroughly and cohesively.
  • Before 1500: Asian civilizations between circa 200 to 1700.

Traditional China

  • Punishments: Images of engravings and photographs depicting punishments in traditional China. Pleas advised some images are graphic in nature.

Modern China

Pre-colonial Africa

  • Studying Africa: Modules covering the history of Africa. Module 10 covers the government of pre-colonial Africa.
  • South Africa: A brief summary of pre-colonial African history.

Modern Africa

  • Maps and Power: A collection of bibliography resources highlighting the history of Modern Africa. You will also find maps of Africa.